About Us

Born in New England and having traveled around this great Country of ours, we landed in Texas for a while. That is where we had the privilege of working with spectacular BBQ pit masters that taught us how to slow smoke meats to mouthwatering perfection. We refuse to cut corners or take any shortcuts. We are very passionate about our results and feel the need to share it with you back here at home.

Our pork ribs are the cut referred to as St. Louis cut. We serve this type because, through our smoking techniques, we can give you a large, tender, meaty rib. Some places parboil or bake ribs to quickly make them “fall of the bone”. Our ribs are hand rubbed with our exclusive seasoning blend then slowly smoked to meet the rigid competition standards for “bite off the bone” ribs.

Proudly serving the New England area, Please call to get a quote for you specific location or venue.